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2. Shikwe Giley (Hindi)

Broadband - HiFi Version: (Download)

Lyrics: Ajay Chandran

Music, Orchestration, Vocals: Pradip Somasundaran

Shikwe, giley saare gaye
mai alvidaa kehkar chalaa
aur kahin... duur kahin...
shaayad mile naa phir kabhi
shaayad mile hum phir sahii
aur kahin... duur kahin...

vo baahen roke mujhe
vo nazren Toke mujhe
soz-e-jigar baD jaayegaa
jaane kya dil kar jaayegaa
sun-na nahin kuch bhi sadaa
unke shehar se chaluun
aur kahin... Duur kahin...

(shikwe giley....)

mujhko na ho dil ki fikar
aisa samaa DoonDe nazar
din ho naye, naya aasmaan
naya naam ho, naya ho jahaan
shaayad wohi ruk jaauungaa
phir ajnabi mai banuun
aur kahin... Duur kahin

(shikwe giley...)