Blogswara is an internet music community which acts as a common platform for musicians (a majority of whom are amateurs) to showcase their talent before the world by producing original music and share it over the internet. It is also a free-music movement where visitors/listeners can listen and download the mp3 files free of cost. The songs are released over the Internet and as multi-lingual albums. Read more about Blogswara or if you are interested in contributing, check out the page where our process has been explained.



Blogswara's sixth album has been released today - on March 1st, 2010! Also browse the older versions.
Blogswara introduces Telugu language in its 6th album, released on March 1st, 2010!

Blogswara had introduced more than 15 new artists in its fifth album and introduced Kannada language in this album.


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List of artists who participated in the previous Blogswara albums

Artists who have participated in Blogswara's 6th album
Pradip Somasundaran Ali Pervez Mehedi Swati Kanitkar Krishnanunni
Pradip Somasundaran Ali Pervez Mahedi Swati Kanitkar Krishnan Unni
Rahul Soman Krishna Raaj
Rahul Soman Krishna Raaj Divya S Menon Praveen Lakkaraju
Sreenivas Josyula Satheesh Kumar Phanindra
Sreenivas Jyosula Satheesh Kumar Phanindra Mux Narasimhan
Raghu Shuba
Meera Manohar Raghu Mux Narasimhan Shuba
Murali Ramanathan Praveenkrishna G Jagadees Chandra Bose Nandagopal
Murali Ramanathan Praveenkrishna G Jagadees Chandra Bose Nandagopal
Ameen Arun G S Arun G S
Rashmi Nair Ameen Arun G S Sibu Noyz
Raghuram Tangirala Krishna Tangirala Vamsi Prakhya
Raghuram Tangirala Krishna Tangirala Sreeja Balaraj Vamsi Prakhya
Ashwin Krishnakumar Udhaya Kulandaivelu Krishnanunni
Ashwin Krishnakumar Udhaya Kulandaivelu Sai - AudioDetour Gaurav - AudioDetour
Agul - AudioDetour Silpa - AudioDetour    
Artists who have participated in Blogswara V5
Adithi Devarajan Ajay Chandran Anup Nandialath Arun G S
Devesh Mody DJ Deepak Divya S Menon George Kuruvilla
Jerry Oviedo Joseph Thomas (Jo) Krishnanunni Mani Ram
Meera Manohar Mrinalini D S Mux Narasimhan Nandu Mahadevan
Nishanth Mani Praveenkrishna G R Bala Ramprasad
Rashmi Nair Sam Kolli Santosh Murali Shivkumar Krishnan
Sindhuja Bhaktavatsalam Sowmya R Krishnan Sreeja Balaraj Sunny
Surya Prakash Thiago Pinheiro Vijay N Vijay S
Artists who have participated in previous versions of Blogswara
Agul Kaul Krishnamurthy Kalvai Ranjini Vijay
Anil BS Meera Manohar Reecha Tripathi
Ajay Chandran Mohan Ananthakrishnan Roshni
Ajit Gopalakrishnan Mujeeb Sadanandan
Anup Nandialath Murali Ramanathan Saishankar
Anusha Murali Venkatraman Sam Devasahayam
Arul Veerappan Muralikrishnan R Sam Kolli
AudioDetour Mux Narasimhan Sanjeev Sharma
Baranidaran K Nandu Mahadevan Shirley Cornell
Bharath Venkatesan Narayanan Venkitu Shyam
Bhayva Narendran Silpa J
Divya Menon Nehru Sreeja Balaraj
Encore Nishanth Mani Surya
Ganesh D Pradeep Somasundaran Swati Kanitkar
Gaurav Sharma Prajakta Joshi TSJStudio
Gumbalsband Prasanna Udhaya Kulandaivelu
Harish Sivaramakrishnan Praveen Bala Vishal Agarwal
Jayswami Praveen Kamath Vidyu
Joseph Thomas (Jo) Prem Abraham William
Jyothis E Preethy  
Kavitha Nagarajan Ramesh Chellamani  
Kedar Fondekar    

Mani Ram

A well known playright, director, actor in the Bay Area is also a singer and a part time lyricist. He has three full length Tamil plays to his credit and is the founder of Bay Area based theater group called "Avatars" -

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R Bala

A sound tracking and mixing engineer by profession, has worked in several studios in Chennai including Sriram Palghat's studio, A.R.Rahman's Studio C and has designed 4 studios in Chennai. Bala is an avid engineer and percussion programmer who has worked on audio engineering for 10 movies (6-7 malayalam movies, tamil 3 movies) and several devotional albums a latest yoga fusion album produced by a Taiwanese company.

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Mux Narasimhan

Location, Country: California, USA.
Web page : A composer, singer -

About me: What an amazing concept! Creating music along with people whom I haven't met. Murali was a huge morale booster to get me signed up to sing. Not to mention Meera's persistance and Udhaya's compelling lyrics. In the end it turnd out to be an amazingly enjoyable experience singing, recording the vocals and doing the mix for sendhamarai. Everyone was just great to work with.

My experience with Blogswara : Blog swara is a trend setter for music to come from the internet age. People stay where they are; create with other people who stay where they are and impact millions who stay where they are. In the end everyone is touched moved and inspired. True power of net!

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Mrinalini D S

Mrinalini is a graduate in electronics engineering and is trained in carnatic music. She has sung in various films, albums and ads in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Once a software engineer, she is currently studying audio engineering. Apart from music she also dabbles in histrionics from time to time.

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Santosh Murali

Currently doing his BE.EEE studying in SVCE, Chennai. Grandson of Padmashree Dr.N.Ramani (flautist). Been into composing passively, until recently. Have done many live performances both in the carnatic and fusion genera.

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Ramprasad a graduate in Electronics and Communication engineering from SVCE Chennai. Now studying masters in USA in telecom. Started composing in the year 2006. Has been trained in carnatic music.

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Vijay S

I am the one who dropp’d the bow,
I am the one that was the bow,
The one that gave the song divine,
And, aye, the one that stood in awe.

I am the one that all things are,
The primal throb whence all else springs;
I am the one that sustains all
And I, those very things sustained so.

I am the one that's all in all,
Audience, players, and the play,
And one who makes the poet sing:
"When I say ‘I’, it's Him that speaks!"

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Sindhuja Bhaktavatsalam


Music has always been like the second tongue at home and I'm glad I had the fortune of receiving training in Carnatic vocal music for quite a long time.
Academic commitments don't allow me to give it as much as I would like to; and Blogswara just serves to fill this void - its an amazing platform for amateur/ part-time musicians and I've totally enjoyed the experience. Thank you, Blogswara!

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Joseph Thomas (Jo)

Mallu. Blogger. Podcaster. New Media enthusiast. Founder of BlogSwara and M-Pod (the first ever Malayalam podcast). The blogging community brought back the singer in me and now I'm a into music a lot.

Blog: Just Jo

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Vijay N

I am a phd student in Atlanta. I am from Chennai. Though I listen to all kinds of music, I am a big fan of Carnatic music. Raja, ARR, Floyd are some composers/musicians I admire.

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Nishanth Mani

Location : Mysore, India
Web page :

About me: A lover of art and mostly western classical and instrumental music...but also like almost all songs of Raveendran, A.R Rehman & Ilayaraja...Formal music education on Keyboards...tried vocals, drums, guitar and flute out of curiosity...likes to be a bathroom singer.

My experience with Blogswara : In one word "wonderful". The Blogswara team has done the right thing in bringing talented folks together to share their creations and showcase their skills.

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Sreeja Balaraj

I am a homemaker with doctorate degree in Marine Microbiology, and interested in writing Malayalam lyrics and poems. My blog is 'saaramgi' (Malayalam). I've written lyrics for 'Rithubhamgikal', an album by Kallara Gopan (To be released in January). My first book is under printing, named as 'kannaadichillukal' which is a collection of Malayalam poems. Currently residing in USA with my family.

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Divya S Menon

Location : Thrissur, Kerala.
Web page :

About me: I am passionate about music which is why I am here in the first place :) I have been studying carnatic music for past 8 years and Hindustani for the last one year. I have been fortunate to be under the tutelage of various accomplished teachers like Shakunthala Sheshadri(chennai), Mangaadu Nateshan(thrissur)[carnatic]and Dinesh Devdaas(hindustani).My debut performance was with Pradip Somasundaran at Palakad and ever since he has been one of my biggest mentors apart from my gurus.

My experience with Blogswara : Joseph Thomas introduced me to this truly unique venture. It has been an awesome experience given especially the varied talents and the sheer multitude of people involved in it. Wishing BlogSwara -2 and its members everlasting success!!

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Praveenkrishna G

Praveenkrishna (Praveen), I am from a small town in Kerala named Koothattukulam. I love music, playing violin, composing music, designing. I compose for my satisfaction thereby making others happy. In my life I wanted to do some sweet songs with my own signature. And my inspiration is a special person in my life. This composition is a dedication for a special person in my life.

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Joseph Thomas (Jo)

Mallu. Blogger. Podcaster. New Media enthusiast. Founder of BlogSwara and M-Pod (the first ever Malayalam podcast). The blogging community brought back the singer in me and now I'm a into music a lot.

Blog: Just Jo

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Anup Nandialath

Location, country : Columbus, OH USA


Many years ago, my first experience on stage was playing the bass guitar for my high school band. To be fair I had no idea what I was doing except that I was instructed to play such and such a note at the given time. Hmm..well...whrrrrr (fast forward to the present)...I play guitar for fun and am a self taught guitarist.

My influences are mainly classic rock/metal. I'm a die hard fan of Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Ozzy Ozbourne among others. More recently I have taken a strong liking for Eastern European heavy metal bands (more melodic metal i would say).

My favourite guitar players include Ritchie Blackmore, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mark Knopfler, Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson and Jimi Hendrix. I guess I cannot really do justice to all of them but these are some of my all time favorite "axe-men".

Blogswara has been an scintillating experience for me. I first got introduced to Jo through his blog (a google search for the rock band avial and lo behold i land up on Jo's blog). Well a few collaborative efforts with Jo and then subsequently I was introduced to several bloggers (Ganesh, Murali, Jo, Ajay, Meera, Udhaya, Nyneshia and several others) with common interests. Therefore when Jo suggested this idea I was really excited and as I said earlier, I truly enjoyed working on this project and look forward to more in the future.

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Ajay Chandran

Location: UK/India
Web page:
About me: Regular IT guy, with a passion for ghazals and songs.

kahaan shuruu huaa safar, hai aage kaun sii Dagar
be-karaan jahaan, ik boond hum, beh jaayenge yoon befikar

About Blogswara: Music brought us all together from around the globe. Its been an exciting journey for me, meeting so many talented people, making new friends and creating music. I hope to do this again and again!

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Sam Kolli

Location, country: Cleveland, OH, USA
Web page :

About me: My main musical influences include AR Rahman, The Verve, Portishead, Prodigy, Indian Ocean and similiar bands/artists. I enjoy the RadioIOAmbient and Philosomatika iTunes stations. I also like Dancing Queen by Abba and Toxic by Britney Spears and my guilty pleasures include Chunnari Chunnari by Anu Malik and Mercury Poolu by AR Rahman. I would like to meet AR Rahman, Sachin Tendulkar, Jonty Rhodes, Lebron James and Steven Gerrard.

About Blogswara : I realized there's more to music than I thought there was. I got introduced to people like Anup, Jo and Meera and interacting with a talented bunch like that is always rewarding.

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Nandu Mahadevan

Location : Houston, TX
Web page :

About me: Hey there! I love to spend time creating enjoyable music. I typically look for some sort of "wow factor" in a song and want to be able to create songs that way too. By "wow factor" I mean something unique and interesting about that song.. may be a nice harmony when not expected or an awesome interlude lead, or some special effect, a rap in the middle or anything like that.. In my opinion a good song should be hummable, should start well, should progress well and should end well. Personally it is easy for me to start a song well, but the harder part for me is to keep it interesting through out.. but I keep trying. My buddy Ramesh and I started - you can check it out if you want to hear other compositions.

My experience with Blogswara : I think Blogswara is a fantastic concept.. I love amateur music. There is a special joy in listening to work created by people who are not professional musicians. I have personally learned and grown a lot in the past few years since I started creating original music.. There is a bunch of talent out there and Blogswara will be the place to showcase them. I wish this forum becomes the defacto space for the world to check out and download free original productions - not to mention by pure digitial online collaboration!

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Rashmi Nair

Location : Milwaukee, WI USA
Web page:

About Me:

Music has always been my passion in life. I started learning Carnatic music at the age of seven. Whatever little knowledge I have about music, I owe it to my gurus – Kalyani Menon and Suguna Varadachari. During my college days, I came across various genres of music. I enjoy listening to everything from upbeat Punjabi music to Ghazals and Sufi music. Not so long ago, I was introduced to the audio blogging world by my friend, Joseph Thomas (Jo). Blogging has not only given me an opportunity to pursue my passion, but also a chance to make some wonderful friends.

About Blogswara:

Blogswara happened very unexpectedly for me. I was always intrigued by the concept and eager to be a part of it. Thanks to my friend, George Kuruvilla, who suggested my name for the song. Big thanks to Sunny and Deepak for their hard work to create this song. I am proud to be a part of this talented team.

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Adithi Devarajan

Location : Dublin, Ireland
Web page:

About Me:

I have been singing from a very young age due to the heavy influence of a family tradition steeped in music. I learnt carnatic music for a long time till higher studies, career and family life became excuses to give it up. I have been doing a lot of covers in the recent past but have been fortunate to meet friends who have influenced me to try out something new, like original works of
talented composers in the Blog world.

About Blogswara:

It is a matter of pride to be singing for Blogswara, thanks to the immensely talented Sunny! Looking forward to an enriching experience in this journey....

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George Kuruvilla

Location: Chicago, IL

About me:

I'm a techie by day and musician by night. I have been singing since the age of 6 and, aside from an initiation into carnatic music for about 2 yrs, I have had very little musical training. My musical influence spans all genres of music from carnatic to heavy metal.

I am primarily a vocalist. I've been doing covers for the most part thus far. I believe that harmony adds depth to vocals and always dabble with it in my renditions. I hope to write my own music as some point, particularly gospel music. I do believe thats my calling in life and hope to bring people closer to Christ through my music.

About Blogswara:

This is my first experience participating in Blogswara, although I have a number of friends who are part of the blogswara community. I find the community to be very tight knit and knowledgable when it comes to music. Participating in blogswara has been a pleasant experience and I am extremely grateful to Sunny for giving me this opportunity. Thanks are also due to the blogswara team for picking our song.

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DJ Deepak

Location, country: Bangalore, India
Web page:


A Corporate trainer by profession, DJ Deepak has great passion for music. His dynamic style and thirst to try out new things has made him a Drummer, DJ, singer, lyricist and composer in the 13 years he has spent with music. DJ Deepak is an inspirational writer. His songs are based on inspiration from life, people, world and nature.

About Blogswara:

DJ Deepak says "Its a whole new concept and I like it. I am all excited about this edition right now!"

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Location, country: Mumbai, India
Web page:
Blog :

Bio: A sound engineer by profession, Sunny has been working on commercial music for almost 9 years now. Apart from his contribution in making the commercial music sound better by the days, he has also evolved as an arranger\composer. Sunny believes in innovation and thus puts his mind, body and soul into making new experiments with music to make it sound unique. Being working for all the Bollywood stuff, Sunny also has a musical bonding with DJ Deepak and currently they are working on lots of other projects than their regular work.

About Blogswara: Sunny says "I'm pleased to be a part of Blogswara. This is a great platform for upcoming artists. Thanks to all my band members for helping me out with their contribution while taking all the pain, which I gave them almost for a month. Special thanks to DJ Deepak for being with me whenever I needed him as a friend, as a band member."

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Arun G S

Software Engineer, Target Corporation ,Bangalore. Basically a Mridangist, right now more passionate towards composing and singing.From the first day I heard about Blogswara, I guess 3 years back, I've been a big fan of this initiative. Since then I have been waiting for one of my songs to be aired through Blogswara and this time I am so excited to submit my song in this version. Thanks a lot to my friends who have helped and worked with me in this venture. This is the first song in my music and orchestration, so as a beginner I believe it is my greatest previlege to be introduced through Blogswara!

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Sowmya R Krishnan

Software Engineer working in Tech Mahindra Ltd., Bangalore. She has learnt Carnatic music for 10 years. She has won several prizes for light music, classical music and recitation at inter school and college levels and has participated in various music shows in AIR, on stage and on screen.
About Blogswara in her words "A very promising platform for wannabe singers. Thanks to the founder of Blogswara."

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Software Engineer working in Analog Devices, Bangalore.A very talented flautist. He has given me many valuable suggestions in the orchestration and in rendering as well.

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Surya Prakash

Working in Quintiles India Pvt Ltd. An upcoming lyricist in Kannada Music Industry. He has given lyrics for a film very recently and for some albums as well.

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Jerry Oviedo

Originally I, Jerry Oviedo, as an outlet for my thoughts, formed this band, which was associated with bands such as Marilyn Manson, NIN and even Boyd Rice. But after three CD’s, a turn towards instrumental music and the Sitar, things began to change. At that point I was on the verge of doing away with The Fly kingdom in order to focus on just my music as a form of meditation. But that though died when I started being inspired by my friend of almost a decade, Rose Monaco, whose thoughts and suggestions had inspired songs like “Blue Roses” and “Hope (My Thornless Rose)”. So I rethought my musical direction with some suggestions made by Carlos Avila, took a melody I had and wrote the song “Sweet Blue Thornless Rose”. At this point, the thoughts all came together and an “electrified” sitar hooked up to a Cry Baby Wah Pedal became my new instrument. Following the likes of Ravi Shankar, Santana Slash, this project has become an experimental and unique form of music. I have explained my style as “If Santana went to India and took up the sitar this is what his music would sound like”…. Recently I also added vocals to this new style, as my way of thinking is not to settle but to take chances regardless of the outcome… I have played many events in hosted by Queen of the Scene and DJ Oski in Miami’s Tobacco Road including Cultura Fest, Super Summer Jam, and most recently Little BIG Art and Music Festival.

You can find news, upcoming events and tracks at

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Meera Manohar

Location, country : The Bay Area, USA.
Web page :

About me: Been singing ever since I remember. Extremely fortunate enough to have learnt Dr.S.Ramanathan's and Ariyakudi's unique styles in South Indian Classical Music for quite a while. Have lent my voice to a couple of stage plays that were held in the bay area and also for the movie 'Green Card Fever'. I have also been performing with a bay area light music group "Thillana", since its inception in 2000.

My experience with Blogswara : Got roped into this thanks to Joseph Thomas. It sure has been an awesome experience given especially the varied talents and the sheer multitude of people involved in this venture. Wishing BlogSwara all success in the times to come!!

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Shivkumar Krishnan

Location, country : San Jose, California, USA
Web page :

About me: I have varied interests and motivations in life and like to keep learning new stuff now and then... That’s one way to fuel my soul, i guess... Music composition has been a good outlet in the last few years. I'm a software engineer by profession, and I don my music cap whenever I get some spare time!

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Devesh Mody

Location: Houston, Texas but in the process of relocating to Dubai

About me: Being in the construction industry (yes I don't do IT!), I manage concrete and steel at work and keyboards and music when I get home. Love music, tennis, good food and single malt! Keyboarding helps me unwind and forget about the world for a while.

Thiago Pinheiro:

Thiago Pinheiro began playing the piano at the age of 2, when four years old, he composed his first song, when eleven years old, Thiago has played with Stevie Wonder. Within the 19 years of his carrer, he has played with people as distinct as DJ Patife, Men at Work, Paralamas do Sucesso, Billy Cobham and Toninho Horta and now he takes the drumkit for a new trio, aptly named the jazz trio.