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10. Acham Illai (Tamil)

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Composers : Mrinalini D.S., Santosh Murali and Ramprasad Sundar
Lead Vocals: Mrinalini D.S. , Ramprasad Sundar
Flute: Santosh Murali
Lyrics : Dharmesh, Ramprasad Sundar
Programming: Ramprasad Sundar

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The song was started on jan 1st 2008 when the first 2 lines of the song were borrowed from Mahakavi Bharathy's "Bharathiyar Kavithaikal". It mood of the song is Patriotic emphasising the unity against evil. Accham illai meaning no fear is re emphasised and repeated to motivate the listener and bring out the patriotism in the person. The lyrics penned by Dharmesh and Ramprasad revolves around uniting people, irrespective of caste, creed or sex to fight against the evil which surrounds us without fearing them. IT also high lights that if we need to win we shant be given a smooth path to succes but still perseverance pays with the fruit of success. At a time like this all we need is brotherhood and oneness and respect for human life. We think we were able to somewhat potray our ideas through this song. We hope the listeners enjoy it too.We take this oppurtunity to thank Blogswara to help upcoming composers potray their talent. Last but not the least we would like to thank all the judges,critics and listeners for their feedback.

ucchi meedhu vaan idintha pothilum
accham illai accham illai enbom
ejagathil ullam ( ethirtha) pothilum
accham illai accham illai enbom (2)
vaa nanbane nanum neeyum senthu solvome ...

accham illai( ....)

nanbane , selvom va
theemayai , kolvom va
accham illaye,accham illaye
nenjil endrume accham illaye
vaanam yellaye, accham ellaye
nenjil endrume accham ellaye

manidha nee pogum paathayil
medu pallam kuzhiyum undu
aanal athai thandi chendral
vetri kaniyum kaigalile yettum
namum ondrai selvom
tholil tholai nirpom
irulai oliyai velvom
nanba va va va va
nammil otturumai undu
vazhvil patrum undu
amaithi mutum peruvom
nanba va va va va
vayatho thadayum illai
naamo oru thai pillai

accham illai(...)