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Blogswara's sixth album has been released today - on March 1st, 2010! Also browse the older versions.
Blogswara introduces Telugu language in its 6th album, released on March 1st, 2010!

Blogswara had introduced more than 15 new artists in its fifth album and introduced Kannada language in this album.


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3. Enno Prashnallo Na (Telugu)

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Composed & Arranged by: Praveen Lakkaraju
Vocals: Sreenivas Josyula
Lyrics: Phanindra KSM
Additional Programming: Satheesh
Mixing: Bharath Venkatesan

(scroll down for lyrics)

Praveen Lakkaraju - Based out of New Jersey, I’m a software programmer by day and a budding composer/filmmaker by night. I’m taking my formal piano classes from Trinity College of Music, London. Music is how i want to express myself with and film is how i want to see the world with. I try to give my songs everything i can to get the best connection to people’s heart. The ultimate goal of my music is to move people emotionally and lead to actions that add to the peace and harmony of this world.[Webpage:]

Sreenivas Josyula

Sreenivas Josyula
Location: USA/ India

Just the usual IT guy, with a passion for art and entertainment.
Love singing since a child and picked up poetry on the way.
Amazed and amused by great timeless poets and singers of the world, India in particular, since I was born and brought up there. Blogswara is a very innovative and novel program by Jo, and I wish him and his team all the very best always.

Satheesh KumarSatheesh Kumar - Satheesh Kumar is a graduate from instrumentation engineering and a self taught musician. He has been playing keys from early school days and collaborated with his elder brother Bharath Venkatesan, another regular Blogswara participant on various music productions.He is currently studying Audio Engineering and his interests include Orchestral Arrangements and Sound Design. This is his first contribution to Blogswara.

PhanindraPhanindra KSM - I am an engineer by profession and a lyricist by passion. After writing several poems and songs for myself, I first wrote commercially for an unreleased Telugu album. Later I worked for some movies and albums. I love writing simple and sensible lyrics and I hope to make a contribution to the Telugu lyrical world.



Enno Prashnallo naa
Unna Prashnalla alle

kannererugani kannedi
baadheleni bratukedi
aanandaala lokam asaledi

korey teeram jaadedi
vethikey aasaki anthedi
hrudhyam loni kaeka ki baduledi

chotedi aina, bhashe daina
andarlo ghosha, okatey kaadaa

nalo palike gonthulu enno
nalo ragile gundelu enno
naa kannetlo sandraalenn enno


Chuttu antha cheekatley
ani vaapothuntey
naalo deepam navvindey

swargam lona unduntey
kasthaaley raave
antey batukey navvindey

kalaley kante saripotundaa
kada therenaa kasthaalu
kaadanukunna ledanukunna
kalalai poovu satyaalu

aase ni aayudhamantu
nairasyam tarimaimandi
naatho geeta vaakyam palikindi


ningi nela, deenanga
ennala nincho
Choosthu unnayi manakesi

chedutho sneham maanesi
premalle maari
manishe manishai povaalani

samayam entho ledey manaki
modaledadaamaa ee payananni
dooram entho lede teeram
daare raada saayamgaa

adugullo savvadi vintu
lokaale kilakila mantu
preme guvvai manapai vaalaali