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Blogswara's sixth album has been released today - on March 1st, 2010! Also browse the older versions.
Blogswara introduces Telugu language in its 6th album, released on March 1st, 2010!

Blogswara had introduced more than 15 new artists in its fifth album and introduced Kannada language in this album.


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4. Vizhiyoram Kanneer (Tamil)

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Sung by: Shuba Sriram
Lyrics by: Raghu
Music by: Mux

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Mux Narasimhan

Mux Narasimhan: Location, Country: California, USA.
Web page : A composer, singer -

What an amazing concept! Creating music along with people whom I haven't met. Blogswara is a trend setter for music to come from the internet age. People stay where they are; create with other people who stay where they are and impact millions who stay where they are. In the end everyone is touched moved and inspired. True power of net!


Raghu - I am Kashyab Rengasamy a.k.a Raghu. I’m working as QA Lead in Smart ERP Solutions Pleasanton. I first started writing tamil kavithai when I started my college. I wonder if it was my age or motivation from my close pals which prompted me to write poems.

Shuba - Shuba has learned Carnatic music from a very young age. Her musical journey continued into her college years where she pursued a degree in Carnatic music. She has performed several carnatic concerts in India and in the U.S. While living in the Bay Area, she performed with the leading light music band, "Thillana". She currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her family where she works in a school for deaf and hard of hearing children.


Will come soon.