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7. Kannukkunava (Tamil)

Broadband - HiFi Version: (Download)

Dialup - LoFi Version: (Download)



Music, Lyrics and Male Vocals: Dr. M.S. Nandagopal
Female vocals : Meera Manohar

(scroll down for lyrics)

NandagopalNandagopal - I am a Robotics and Controls Engineer with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. I do not have any renowned musicians in my family like others in this blog, but almost everyone becomes a singer or a drummer if there is a party :)... I had a team in undergraduate days, when we used to go around performing in different venues until time and life sent us in different ways. Thus far I am a bedroom musician, doing all the fun stuff including lyrics, composing, playing, mixing, singing, etc... and a lot of the listening :) by myself. I do have some fans who listen to my songs regularly, although nothing more than what can fill an email list and a couple oddballs that demand tapes :), they have made my music life more meaningful. I am slowly expanding my horizons to work with other people.

The song Kannukku unava has Meera Manohar, who is no new face, providing female vocals.

Meera ManoharMeera Manohar - Location, country : The Bay Area, USA.
Web page :

About me: Been singing ever since I remember. Extremely fortunate enough to have learnt Dr.S.Ramanathan's and Ariyakudi's unique styles in South Indian Classical Music for quite a while. Have lent my voice to a couple of stage plays that were held in the bay area and also for the movie 'Green Card Fever'. I have also been performing with a bay area light music group "Thillana", since its inception in 2000.

My experience with Blogswara : Got roped into this thanks to Joseph Thomas. It sure has been an awesome experience given especially the varied talents and the sheer multitude of people involved in this venture. Wishing BlogSwara all success in the times to come!!


Kannukunava sevikku unava kanniyi8n punnagai
kadhal valaya vegathadaya deviyin parvai

vazhthu solli vilagudhe kamanin padai, adhu muyandradhe pennai thirudathaan
porittu vendrene andha azhagiyin nalvidai , mudiyuma ennai marukka thaan...

mukthi onrum thevai illaye, kadhal vazhkai podhume
kayyil kitta nidhi endru en vazhvilidhu varai illaye
kadhal vandhaal enna aagum thirayil parthadhil puriyalaye
mudhal mutham mudindha piragu en mugathil punnagai marayalaye

kalloori paruvathil pirandha nesam irudhi varayil thodarave
kandedutha payanam dhaane kaadhal ennum padhayile
kodi makkal serndhu vaazhthi serthu vaithaar engalaye
maranam varayil vida maattein adhuvum undhan madiyile