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Blogswara introduces Telugu language in its 6th album, released on March 1st, 2010!

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10. Ee Madhura Raagam (Telugu)

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Lyrics: Vamsi Prakhya
Music: Raghuram Tangirala
Orchestration & Mixing: Krishna Tangirala
Flute: Ashwin Krishnakumar
Vocals: Raghuram Tangirala

(scroll down for lyrics)

Raghuram TangiralaRaghuram Tangirala - A scientist (medicinal chemist) by profession and a musician by passion is how I would describe myself in one line. Music has been part and parcel of life and much more than a hobby with me since a very young age. Hailing from a musically rich family, I consider myself primarily a singer (inheriting the genes from my mother Vijaya) and then a music composer. Singing on stage started at the age of 7 when I was part of the school choir. The composer in me, however, was brought out about 6-7 years ago after some wonderful interactions with many a musical enthusiast on the website where I was known by my pseudonym Kaumudi.
I love any form of music as long as it has an inherent melody in it. I am a huge fan of Ilayaraja and A. R. Rahman when it comes to film music. I usually sing and compose light and semi-classical musical pieces. Besides my mother tongue Telugu, I sing in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi & Bengali. I am presently learning the violin (carnatic music) under the tutelage of my guru and aunt Smt. Sharadachalam and had earlier learnt with Sri. N. Venkatesh (Bangalore).

Krishna TangiralaKrishna Tangirala - Hailing from a musically rich family, Krishna is versatile with many instruments like Bass guitar, keyboards, tabla and dappu. He enjoys playing the bass guitar the most, for it is one of the few instruments that fetches both melody and rhythm at the same time.

Krishna learned the tabla in Bhakta Ramadasu Music College in Secunderabad, India and continued his music education under the able guidance of Mr. Gabe Halberg in Burlington, Mr. Russ Hodges and Mr. Ravi Gutala in San Jose. He enjoys listening to any music that's different in its own way and particularly admires Ilayaraja, A.R.Rahman and Carnatic music. He says 'the cryptic melodic and bass patterns in Ilayaraja's music constantly urge me to learn more and more'.

Krishna played for a band called Desibels in Salt Lake City, where he played the bass, tabla and keyboards besides lending vocals. He currently plays the bass guitar for the band Aavakai in the Bay Area. Krishna aspires to compose at least one music album in the near future. Inspired by Mandolin Srinivas, he would like to learn and play the Mandolin someday.

Vamsi PrakhyaVamsi Prakhya- I am a software engineer at mind and an artiste at heart, hoping to use the completeness of God’s gift, my brain, both left and right. I have been in the land of opportunities, the US, for the last 10 years, shaping myself as a Master in Engineering and professional software developer. I have been in the game industry for 5 years. I am a literature enthusiast, love reading literature and occasionally penning lyrics and poetry in my mother tongue, Telugu. Also love Indian cooking (a hobby).

Ashwin KrishnakumarAshwin Krishnakumar - Ashwin was trained in Carnatic classical flute by Sri. A.V. Prakash in Mysore and Late Sri. B.N. Suresh in Bangalore. He was awarded scholarship from the Central Government of India (CCRT) to pursue advanced training in flute. He has given several solo performances in India and in the US and has also accompanied various classical dance and light music productions.



Ee madhura ragam ae gaali varamo
Ee praNaya gaanam ae praNava svaramo
Valapu vaakillalo talapu sankellatho
anubandhame penchee svaechchanae choopi
Niluvellaa odhigindhee haayigaa

1st charanam

Bandhaalu koorchukunna andaala jagatilo aekaakikaa niliche rellupochanae
Gandhaalu koodukunna makarandaala baalatho aekanthame eragani chillukarrane
Kadilinche kaithallo pulakinche paatallo naa oosae raadeppudoo
Chekkaeti chitraallo chakkanni svapnaallo naa dhyaase raadennadoo
Ae pilladevuni srushtino aa chellani gatamae ichcheno
Aerochchi nuragallo munchinaa endaeti naa bathuku pandinchenaa

Velithe naadaina aa mounamlo gaatlae mosthunna o moadu bathukulo
Chelime choopinchdi o kanniya tootlae tovayye vayyaari nadathalo
Naadaalu palikinchaenu nanu pulakimpagaa
Raagaalu varshinchaenu nanu harshimpagaa
Gaanaalu chigurinche tolisaarigaa aahlaada jallullo tadisenugaa
Nanne valachindi naalo nindindi ee vedhurae mogindi vamseeyai veligindi

2nd charaNam:

Singaari koluvaina naa gunde maedakoo bangaaru vaakillai lopaalu merise
Raayancha samakoorche svarasaala vindutho raasayogamae naerchi raajasaana murisaa
Anuvanuvu taanindi naa bhaaram tagginche aabharanamayyindile
Viswaana prathimoola virajimme maapaata vaasantha praNayaalane
Vedaala naadaalane vaelaadi vainaalalo aekaathma paademule
Viswaantharaalaana nelavunna prathimanasu o devini prathimai velaga maimarachi oogaa

Navarasaalu pallavinchu bhogamo
Aadarsam telipe prabodhamo
Eththentho ediginche yogamo
Sarvaathmuni choope prayogamo