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14. Pon Tharivalakal (Malayalam)

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Music, orchestration & mixing: Praveenkrishna G
Lyrics: Sreeja Balaraj
Vocals: Jagadeesh Chandra Bose, Divya S Menon

Praveenkrishna GPraveenkrishna G - A music enthusiast and an Accountant by profession currently residing in Australia. Music in me was evoked by love. Always fascinated by the power of music. I am always amazed by people who can sing and play musical instruments. I love the works of all musicians as every piece of music is an artistic creation. I love composing and arrangement, love to try new genres genre and styles. Violin, flute and piano are my favourite instruments.Blogswara is a wonderful place to be in for every aspiring musicians. Website:

Jagadees Chandra BoseJagadees Chandra Bose - Website:

I would describe myself as an easy-go-lucky guy whose biggest passion and dream in life has always been music (Though for my bread and butter I do the job of an Instrumentation Engineer in Dubai). I've not been able to commit the whole of my time to music as the rift of life has landed me elsewhere. I would consider my life atleast somewhat worthy if I am able to make a mark of my own in the world of music (no matter how small that may be). After all the purpose of life is a life of purpose. And thanks Blogswara for giving me a platform to do just that :)

Divya S MenonDivya S Menon - Location : Thrissur, Kerala.
Web page :

About me: I am passionate about music which is why I am here in the first place :) I have been studying carnatic music for past 8 years and Hindustani for the last one year. I have been fortunate to be under the tutelage of various accomplished teachers like Shakunthala Sheshadri(chennai), Mangaadu Nateshan(thrissur)[carnatic]and Dinesh Devdaas(hindustani).My debut performance was with Pradip Somasundaran at Palakad and ever since he has been one of my biggest mentors apart from my gurus.

My experience with Blogswara : Joseph Thomas introduced me to this truly unique venture. It has been an awesome experience given especially the varied talents and the sheer multitude of people involved in it. Wishing BlogSwara 6 and its members everlasting success!!

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Pontharivalakal en manassiloru noopuram charthiyo
Kathiraniyum nin kavilinayil en chodikaloruoru chempakam nalkiyo
SHruthiyil ozhuki varum tharala smruthikalile
Madhura mozhiyilaliyaan nee
Kanavil unarum mazhavil niramaay vaa (pon tharivalakal)

Aalolam mizhiyil thenolum mozhiyithil
Nirayunno naanam (male)
Thoovanam mazhayil thoovunnorazhakithil
Pakarunno ragam (female)
Panimazhayekunna moham (male)
Mathimarannadunna jaalam (female)
Pranayamekan (male)
Panimathiyil ( female)
Madhumazhayil (male)
Pulakavumay (female)
Tharalithayaay (male)
Inivarumo (female)
Priyasakhi nee (male)
Navamoru natana laasya laya pathangamaay nee vaa (together)

(Pallavi repeat)